George Bragadireanu

Professional Certified Coach, ICF

Actionable Awareness
I will be your partner on the journey toward identifying, clarifying and achieving your goals.

George Bragadireanu Leadership Coaching

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George Bragadireanu Leadership Coaching

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I will accompany you on your journey toward identifying, clarifying and achieving your goals.

I have no ultimate ideology, unique methodology, or magical recipe: I only rely on the process, competencies, and code of ethics set by the International Coaching Federation, therefore, I:
ask powerful questions,act as a sounding board,provide objective assessment and observations,listen fully and actively,challenge your blind spots, andfoster shifts in thinking that reveal fresh perspectives.
My coaching clients say that I am an efficient, compassionate, and intelligent coach; you may read some testimonials on my LinkedIn profile.


I have several specializations in coaching: performance and transpersonal coaching (Sir John Whitmore), integral coaching (Ken Wilber), neurolinguistic programming and psychotherapy (EuCF), logotherapy (Viktor Frankl), existential coaching (Sasha Van Deurzen-Smith), systemic team coaching (Peter Hawkins), stakeholder-centered coaching (Marshall Goldsmith), value assessments and evolutionary coaching (Richard Barrett), positive intelligence coaching (Shirzad Chamine).

I rely on the International Coaching Federation's Competencies and Code of Ethics to accompany my clients. This means that I offer a demonstrated level of coaching quality.

My formal education is in international economics, supplemented with masters and postgraduate studies in political science and communication. I worked for 13 years in the financial - banking sector.

In 2016 I wrote and published The Leadership Spark: The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership.

George Bragadireanu Leadership Coaching


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Since 2011 I have trained more than 11,000 managers during more than 10,000 hours in subjects like creativity, innovation, stress management or customer care.

Currently I offer three masterclasses, based exclusively on science and psychological research, produced by psychology researchers and scholars: The Science Of Motivation And Goal Achievement, Maximising Strengths, and Listening, Presence And Attention Control.

The Science Of Motivation And Goal Achievement Masterclass is a comprehensive six-module coaching style workshop. With this masterclass, any manager will be able to achieve meaningful success through the science of motivation and goal setting.

The Maximising Strengths Masterclass is a comprehensive 6-module coaching program also. With this masterclass, the participant will understand how to realize their unique potential, to do what energizes them, makes them feel authentic, and deliver optimal performance.

The Listening, Presence And Attention Control Masterclass is an intensive and highly practical training grounds helping any manager to learn how to listen, be present and mindful in his daily interactions.

George Bragadireanu Leadership Coaching