George Bragadireanu, MCC ICF

George Bragadireanu, MCC

Master Certified Coach ICF

Coaching Services

As an experienced professional coach, George Bragadireanu helps executives improve their relationships with teams and stakeholders using evidence-based coaching structures and processes.

  • Executive Performance Coaching: Tailored to enhance the leadership skills of high-level executives, focusing on performance improvement, strategic thinking, and decision-making, through shadow coaching and stakeholders leadership audit

  • Existential Leadership Coaching: Exploring existential questions and themes (meaning, responsibility, choice, freedom, temporality, conflict with others, uncertainty, and authenticity) to help clients find meaning and purpose in their professional and personal lives.

  • Organizational Culture Coaching: Employing Cultural Transformation Tools to support teams and organizations in evolving their cultures towards greater effectiveness and alignment with core values.

  • Stakeholder-Centered Leadership Coaching: Focus on Marshall Goldsmith's methodology to ensure that coaching outcomes are recognized and supported by key stakeholders, ensuring lasting change.

  • Systemic Leadership Team Coaching: Working with teams to improve dynamics, enhance collaboration, and align efforts with the organization’s goals and values.

  • Career Transition Coaching: Assisting individuals navigating career changes, focusing on aligning their professional path with personal values and strengths.

  • ICF Mentor Coaching: Providing mentorship to upcoming coaches aiming to achieve certification or enhance their coaching skills in line with ICF competencies.


  • One of the 1,700 International Coaching Federation Master Certified Coaches in the world

  • Certified as a Master Practitioner NLP Coach

  • Graduate of Cornell University’s Continuing Executive Education program with a focus on leadership psychology

  • Professional coach since 2010

  • 13 Years of managerial expertise in banking

  • 5 International coaching schools and several coaching specializations: performance, business and transpersonal coaching (Performance Consultants International), neurolinguistics and psychotherapy (Mindmaster Academy), integral coaching (Integral Coaching Canada), evolutionary coaching using cultural transformation tools for leadership assessment and development (Richard Barrett Values Centre), stakeholders centered leadership coaching (Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centered Coaching), systemic team coaching (Academy of Executive Coaching), existential coaching (Animas Centre for Coaching), logotherapy and attitudinal change coach (Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy), team coach (6 Team Conditions)

  • International Coaching Federation assessor and mentor coach

  • Formal studies in economics, mathematics, communication, and political science

  • Author of The Leadership Spark: The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership

  • Professional indemnity insurance policy signed with Lloyd’s Insurance UK covering leadership coaching services

"If you want to work with someone who will help you reach your full potential, George is the person for you. He has had a very positive impact on my professional and personal development and has given me confidence in my challenging field."(Elvis Ponari, Chief Executive Officer/Chairperson)

"George will take you out of your comfort zone, while his ability to empathize and create positive emotional memories will leave a long-lasting impact."(Nikolay Belchev, CEO)

"The transformational process we went through was fully supported by George’s listening and reflective skills. It was so intense and I usually refer to me as the “old” and the “new” Katarina."(Katarina Zendelov, Multiplant Regional Manager)

"If you are looking for a pragmatic, results-oriented coach who will challenge you to do, think and most importantly – change… He is the right man!"(Istvan Lorinczi, Corporate Sales Director, Renault)

"He doesn’t shy away from his clients’ more difficult challenges and doesn’t offer a standard, pre-defined approach."(Stefan Frangulea, CFO)

"He is probably one of the best coaches I have ever met. Together with him I rediscovered and strengthened my leadership skills."(Elena Codeca Benelli, Owner And Executive Manager)

"He is exceptional. Professional coach, personalized program, positive energy. He has helped me in my transformation so far and I am confident that we are moving forward in the process of reaching the next level of leadership."(Amalia Saceleanu, Plant Manager)

"I expected a good interaction, but instead I benefited from a profound experience of professional and spiritual change."(Catalin Jaloba, Head of Real Estate Finance BCR-ERSTE Bank)

"The mentoring process itself was challenging, the environment created was one of safety that allowed me to ask difficult questions and have many "aha" moments."(Daniela Croitoru, PCC)